All Star Dogs – The Secret To Making Your Dog An All-Star

All Star Dogs - The Secret To Making Your Dog An All-StarClick Image To Visit SiteThe best part about all this is that you’ll learn how to fix these common doggy issues without having to resort to yelling, slapping, or making use of dreadful dog training devices(shock and choke collars) in order to deal with your dog’s irritating habits.

Rather, you’ll understand how to employ safe new methods of dog training that I’ve successfully taught to all my other clients. Instead of using abusive behavior to train your canine, you’ll learn how to win over your dog’s obedience, loyalty, and respect using a foolproof set of training tactics. From The Desk Of Dan Professional Dog Trainer Behaviorist, Author, & Speaker Date: Thursday, 12:53 p.m.

Getting a dog is a life-changing decision.That’s what your parents used to tell you as a kid “You’re not yet responsible enough”.

But as years went by, you felt ready to make some changes in your schedule that could accommodate taking care of a loving, obedient dog.

This doesn’t sound like the fun and exciting scenario you dreamt of. On the contrary, it has turned into some kind of nightmare. You are embarrass and frightened to take your dog out, fearing that he will be aggressive or misbehave with others. And the time you spend alone with your dog is far from fun or happy. You’re constantly trying to calm him down and stop him from destroying the house. Truth is, you’re in over your head.

My name is Daniel Brown and I’m a professional dog trainer, behaviorist, author and speaker. For the past decade I’ve been participating at worldwide seminars, undergoing extensive workshops and gaining priceless experience by working with thousands of dog owners worldwide. I have read every imaginable book on the… Read more…